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Cylindrical Roll Dies

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Quality control documentation and inspection data on our Cylindrical thread rolling dies: As a service to our customers we include a final inspection report on all of our cylindrical dies showing the thread profile on the die. A typical example is shown in the pdf file below. The information and documentation assures our customers that each and every die conforms to all of the standards specified.

The employee owners of Plan E Tech do 100% of the design and manufacturing in the USA and as owners we take extra pride in our dies, personal service and on time delivery. From or products to our customer service make Plan-E-Tech your first choice.

At Plan-E-Tech we believe in old time craftsmanship that only a small company can provide. Our Cylindrical Roll Dies are made to the highest quality both dimensionally and metallugically, using the finest tool and high-speed steels available. We make dies for most 2 or 3 die machines including but not limited to Tesker, Ort, Reed, Grob, Izpe and Kinefac and our dies cover a variety of thread forms starting at 6-32 inch or 4.5 in metric sizes. We also offer special stocking arrangements to fit your special needs.

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